About Brownlee

I see you see me see you....

Whats the deal internet?  Its me, Brownlee, ya likes?  I figured you would.  Lets see what I want to divulge about myself on here.

I was born in Houston, Texas (the Home of Pop-Trunk, DJ Screw and Syrup) at Hermann Hospital many moons ago.  I’m pretty laid back, funny, and a huge flirt.  I’m currently doing graphic design and hating being a grown up.  I did most of my schooling in Houston (Tidwell Elementary, Elmore Middle) before moving to east Texas (Beckville to be exact) for high school.  I went to college at the school formerly known as Southwest Texas State University where I earned a BBA in Marketing before they decided to change the name to Texas State at San Marcos.  I’m a Fall 2000 initiate of the OLDEST and COLDEST Fraternity on the planet, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc – Mu Nu MILITA, repping for the 4-clubs worldwide!  Contrary to what I may post on the blog, I’m really mainly a happy guy who loves music, movies and women (not neccessarily in that order).  Thanks for stopping by, keep in touch.

5 thoughts on “About Brownlee

  1. i apologize sir, if i would have seen the article on your visit to him. i did not know he passed. i spent 4 years with your dad and have the utmost respect for him. your grandma use to send me letters telling me to look after her baby and as you can imagine that kept me pretty busy. he was the best friend i have ever had. bless you and your family.

    • Yea, you have found his son. Not the best way to find out your friend passed away. I tried to contact as many people as possible, but his contacts were not in order (he was just learning to try to use a cellphone for more than calling). I even tried to hack his email (because he refused to use the “Save Password” feature).

      He passed away in 2006, from a heart attack. He’s buried at the Veteran’s Memorial cemetery in Houston (plot S1 2809). I was actually living with him, from 2003-2006, so we had some good times. I do remember the stories. The only military friend that I met was John Autrey.

      Again I apologize about you having to find out this way, know that it was tough to find everybody.  

      If you need anything else or have any other questions, let me know.


      Tyrone Brownlee, Jr.

      Sent from Brownlee’s iPhone 4

      • i was trying to get in touch with him as i lost his phone #. I recieved last week a letter from the ATSDR saying we were exposed to contaminated water at Camp Lejuene. They are sending me a questionair on my health since leaving there. There are several articles under the ATSDR website on this. Some of the things people there at the time are getting is numerous types of cancer and heart problems. I wanted to see if he had gotten one. Your dad is my oldest sons godfather and once again one of the best friends i have ever had. The last time i talked to him he was very proud that you were going to the university.

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