Air Jordan Concord Retro XI's

So the new Air Jordan XI Retro Concords recently dropped…insert pandemonium at every mall in America.  There was even an early more internet rumor that was going around about a kid that got killed in D.C., but local authorities dismissed that rumor.  But lets get back to the real, what really goes on….peep the video.

Shoe connoisseur?  LMAO!  Boy spell “connoisseur” right now for a free pair of Jordan’s!  But no for real, the baby catching “ammonia” was a very serious thing to worry about…I’m just saying.  But back to the topic at hand.  The news seemed to exploit the situation for a good story and a good laugh.

Now without getting into the underlying racial lines, I’m going to make a valiant attempt to compare the sneakerheads to all the other crazed Americans.  Pay attention.  You all remember Tickle Me Elmo?  People went stupid for those.  How about Modern Warfare?  I must admit, I actually waited in line for my pre-ordered copy…it was simple though.  No transactions, just show your receipt and pick up your game and go home.  How about when people camp out waiting on the new Apple addiction, iPhone or iPad?  I’m just throwing it out there.  The only difference is the clientele.

It’s plain and simple.  The genre of people that will wait outside in the weather for a pair of Jordan’s are the same genre of people that will take your damn Jordan’s by force if necessary.   This is the same genre of people that were once taking Starter jackets right off people’s backs!  You all remember that?  It got so bad that many schools wouldn’t let kids wear Starter jackets, real or imitation, on school grounds for fear of their safety.

And what’s even funnier is the people talking and posting about they wouldn’t pay $180 or more for a pair of tennis shoes….as they update their status on their $500 iPhone that they waited in line for!  Irony.  Some say it’s a matter of priorities, when actually it’s a matter of what you want.  If you want the new iPhone, you’ll do what you have to do to get it…and the same thing applies with anything else in life.  Oh you all remember the folks that camped outside of Best Buy’s and Target’s for cheap flatscreen TVs 2 days before Black Friday?  I said those folks were idiots because they’d completely miss Thanksgiving, but I bet they’re all laughing at me as they watch their new TV.

I’m going to keep it simple for you all…it’s a basic principle of supply and demand.  When they release the new J’s, they do limited quantities for a reason.  They sell out!  Then they get free publicity from the news covering the madness.  It’s a Charlie Sheen type win-win.   Since this news video is going viral, I can’t wait till The Boondocks makes an episode in honor of the Concords!


What will you stand in line for?  How do you feel about the news station’s video?  Who wanna buy me some Jordan’s size 12?  

Thanks for tuning in….


8 thoughts on “XI’s

  1. I stand in line for Midnight Screenings. I know it’s not a commodity I can take home but I do like to say I saw things first with the other nerds that stayed up late to see it as well. Not Twilight or Harry Potter movies. But I did wait for Iron Man, Transformers (next to a guy in an Optimus Prime helmet with voicebox), PIrates of Carribean 2 or 3 or something like that. A bunch of other stuff. Granted I used to live across the street from the movies but still.

  2. I havent stood in line for anything comparable to some j’s or even a movie, like bre, but if they ever start selling authentic louis’ for the price of a coach…you can bet your ass, I’m in dat thang. or some diamond earrings from Tiffany & Co…yeah. screw whatever holiday I’m missing to be in line…I’mma just pay the 5. lol.

  3. I once stood in line at Dunkin Donuts to get a free iced coffee…does that count? Yeah Probably not…I did make Desi stand in line with me, though. And it was cold… she could’ve caught “ammonia”
    I’m not the most patient person, standing in line is not really my thing. Standing in line for a “chance” not even a guarantee to get said item would just trigger my anger issues.
    BTW, was I the only one who noticed the dude from the Get money crew running away like an Ewok.

    • I think standing in line for something free is different. These people are standing in line to drop at least $175. Oh and he probably ran like that to not crease the new J’s…well that and a combination of his baggy pants. LOL.

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