A Man’s Guide to Lingerie

A Man’s Guide to Lingerie.


3 thoughts on “A Man’s Guide to Lingerie

  1. My advice to men: Play it safe and let her buy her own lingerie.


    Women buy lingerie based on their mood. If she is the type to wear lingerie then most likely she probably prefers to buy her own. The type of lingerie she chooses to wear for you coincides with her current state of mind. For example, if she is feeling “naughty or vixen-esque” (i know not a word) then she may choose a red or black leather number. If she is feeling like she wants to channel her alternate ego she may want to play dress up and go “naughty nurse” on you. Other times, she just wants to feel generally sexy and may choose a classic black lace piece.

    Or she may be going through a phase where she doesn’t feel attractive at all and the last thing she would ever consider is putting on a tiny piece of lace. Though men like to think they always know what women are feeling that is not true. She may be feeling fat or whatever and would never admit that to her guy but buying her something that she can’t see herself it at that time can make it worse.

    Point is, you will never make the right choice when shopping for her because you never know what mood she is going to be in (style-wise). Buy her a piece of lingerie when her mind is not right (ex. self conscious) and you may inadvertenly f*ck it up for yourself.

    Personally, i think it is weird for a guy to buy lingerie. That is a weird “GIFT” to her and only translates to being a “GIFT” for you. NO matter how meticulous you are in selecting her lingerie and how much “Thought” you put into it, it always comes across as selfish. YOUwant to see her in the lingerie and therefore it is FOR YOU. That’s why it was created, in my opinion. Let her decide when to give you the gift of lingerie. (and heels! 😉 ) lol

  2. My girlfriend would never buy her own lingerie.
    Not only that, she doesn’t go through any retarded “omg I wanna cover myself up in front of u!! :(” moments. ( I actually dated a girl that was fine with being naked during sex, but then afterwards rushed to cover herself up).

    This advice only really applies to a specific type of woman.

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