This Miseducation of Ray J

Welcome back Brownlee fans, it’s been a while, I know and for that I apologize.  Not only have I been busy writing for the Writerz Block, I’ve also had a case of real-life writers block.  But this damn Ray J vs Fab beef has got me up in arms so to speak.

William Ray Norwood Jr.

I’m not sure how many of you all have heard Ray J’s entire rant about what went down in Vegas, but it is clear and utterly ridiculous.  Here it is for those that missed it:

First of all, ain’t NOTHING gangsta about Mo-to the-E-to the.  I mean not nothing.  What’s crazy is this all started from some Twitter jokes about Ray J playing piano on Mayweather’s piano on his show 24/7.  Here are my main problems with this entire phone call.

  • Real G’s move in silence like Lasagna – So you get into an altercation with another grown ass man, granted sometimes stuff happens, but then you decide the best course of action next after the dust sort of settles is to call into a radio station for a phone interview?  Boy stop <in my Big Boi voice>.  You claim to only throw one punch anyways, who cares to brag about that?  So the going off on a radio show about what you did and what you got, NOT GANGSTA!
  • Humble Brag – I swear I just wrote a blog about the art of the humble brag, telling people the square footage of your crib and how many cars you got parked outside, also NOT GANGSTA!  And why do you have an indoor basketball court AND an outdoor basketball court?  Be a real baller and just get a retractable roof on your basketball court.  3 new Rolls Royces parked outside?  2 of those must be Brandy’s!  And the number of Rolls Royces and Bentley’s goes up as the convo continues.
  • So West Coast with it – You wan’t me to honestly believe that Ray J has some “goons” on the West Coast that have his back to the point where if he has beef with somebody that said person can’t even travel anywhere near the West Coast?  ROTFLMAO.  Now that I’m done laughing at that entire statement, I’ve come to one conclusion, this boy MUST BE HIGH off his ass during this entire interview.
  •  Rape!  – This is the part of the interview where it goes completely left!  “I’m gon’ get my Big homies on the phone, that like ni**as, and they gon’ rape that ni**a!”  WTF?  So you associate with a bunch of gay guys that will rape your enemy on command?  Be aware of your surroundings guy.  VERY VERY VERY NOT GANGSTA!!!!
There was a little more that didn’t sit to well with me, but Fabs response made it all make sense.  Effay-Be-Oh-Elle-Oh-You-Ess calmly discredited what we all already knew….there is Ray J’s story, then there was the truth.
Here is the response:
Truly I don’t consider Fabolous to be a gangsta either, but compared to Ray J he’s John Gotti.  ALL LIES according to Fab and I believe him.  This was pure entertainment to me….had to share.

Thanks for tuning in……


5 thoughts on “This Miseducation of Ray J

  1. 50 Cent called into the Funk Flex show and pretty much confirmed what Fab was saying. But he sort of flip flopped a little bit throughout the story, buuuut I’m siding with the chipped tooth man on this one. Ray J is about is Gangsta iCarly on Nickelodeon…lol

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