Know the Status of your Tweet: No-No’s for Social Media

I recently read a Facebook status that wondered “why people play out all of their very personal business on FB…break ups, make ups, mental instability, fights with relatives, relationship woes…I mean, really? You know the whole world can see this stuff, right?!? Oh, and then you wanna wonder how random people know exactly what’s going on in your life…SMH” – Author Known.  I was raised to NOT put your business in the streets, however with the social media, the streets have moved to the internet….so in turn you shouldn’t be putting your business on the internet.

Stay Away

With that said, I’ve created a short list of things that you should NEVER put on social media.

The BREAK UP – @nym4_boo it’s not u, it’s me, 2 sum it up, I’m seeing some1 else.

Breaking up with your girlfriend via a tweet makes breaking up with a woman on her voice mail look chivalrous. It’s one thing to want to keep it short and undramatic, it’s another thing to say it in under 140 characters. If you can’t bear the thought of telling her to her face, try IM-ing her. Nothing says I’m sorry like a sad smiley face followed up by a kissy face.

The KNOCK UP – Erica is late…cross your fingers I’m not preggers.

Considering Facebook doesn’t have a pregnancy test feature yet, it’s wildly inappropriate to broadcast this online. Your one line sentence will send all your female friends into a panic as they contemplate if their nausea this morning was more than just a hangover. And the worst part is that all your recent hook-ups will have a full-on heart attack — which will ironically let them completely off the hook for child support.

The TRAGIC – Join the “Pray Cory survives his suicide attempt” Facebook group.

Signing onto Facebook for the sole purpose of poking your crush takes a dark turn when you’re invited to join a deeply upsetting group. This is no “Austin blacked out, lost his phone, needs your digits” Facebook group. It’s basically a casual way for a priest to eventually draft a eulogy using Facebook wall posts. Instead of creating a Facebook group that places your friend’s sickness on the same level as a Farmville invite, try making an old-fashioned phone call.

The SCHEDULE – Krystal is waking up too early (ugh) to go to the gym, then shower, then work, then lunch, then more work, then home, then new episode of Jersey Shore!

Unless your schedule involves something out of the ordinary (shower, work, hook-up with Michelle Obama), no one cares. Sure everyone is super happy that you can function like a normal human being, but no one is going to give you gold stars for managing to complete basic human functions. So unless you would like to openly invite a stalker into your life, quit letting everyone know your second to millisecond schedule.

The GROSS – Brandon regrets drinking that keg of coffee yesterday, can’t move more than 5 feet from this toilet.

Unless your doctor writes prescriptions based on your Twitter updates, there is no need for this level of over-sharing. No one wants to hear when you have the Pepto Bismol rundown (cue the music: heartburn, nausea, indigestion, diarrhea). Not to mention you lose huge “I’m so sick” credibility when you’re clearly well enough to type a coherent sentence on Twitter.

The INEBRIATED – Alyssa is cracking up that she blacked out at her company holiday party

This would be a wildly cool status if we were still in high school and people still drew penises on your forehead when you were drunk. But, unfortunately you’re an adult now and the people around you expect you to be able to drink without ending the night riding in an ambulance. Have some respect for yourself and use your status to draw attention away from yourself and onto someone else’s drunken behavior.

The BOPPER – Sam says shame on you Amy Winehouse. (too soon?)  

Unless you’re one of Kate Gosselin’s 29 children, it’s highly unlikely she’s reading your Facebook status. In fact, there’s a pretty strong likelihood that she has no idea that you even exist. Instead save your knack for online lecturing to make your friends feel bad about themselves. Nothing makes people engage in a little self reflection like a “Laura, you were a massive bitch last night” status.



Feel free to add to the list of No-No’s for Social Media




Thanks for tuning in…..


8 thoughts on “Know the Status of your Tweet: No-No’s for Social Media

  1. Yes too soon for Amy Winehouse. 😦
    I hate when people say “I’m bored”. And I tweeted yesterday about how if you were really having that great of a time you wouldn’t think about tweeting or updating your status about the great time. Sometimes you just need to be in the moment and not tell everyone else about it.

    • Duly noted about Amy, but I don’t know many celebs.

      I can agree with you about living in the moment and not stopping to tweet or update a status about it. If you’re truly having fun, have it.

  2. IT’S T-MONEY BAYBAY! I’ve inspired a blog post, HOT DAMN! I’m flattered, ‘Rone!!

    But seriously, I agree with the entire list…ESPECIALLY “The Schedule”…nothing irritates me more!

  3. y’all some haters. what else is social networking for, but to tell your business? I do hate when people say fb/twitter is too messy or complain about it being too informative of others’ lives b/c either way, you’re a part of the problem: either you’re participating in the mess or you’re encouraging others to share their lives by asking what’s going on, etc etc. that living for the moment thing…I halfway agree with. On one hand, yes, there are times I’m having too much fun to socially network about it, on the other…if I was having THAT much fun…I also wouldn’t be able to reply to a text…and since I haven’t seen not nobody under the age of 50 have sooo much fun that they chose not to reply to a text…it’s really no difference. If you don’t wanna see it, hide ’em, or whatever, and someone should just tell the people puttin’ all their business out there AND complaining about it, to STFU.

    • I forgot to add that y’all are forgetting that social networking involves people and people are attention whores (to varying degrees of course)…what would be the point of twitter OR fb if not for keeping folks entertained?

      • I agree, you can tell the “attention whores” because even when they’re out, they still try to outshine your tweet or status. But this was more about what NOT to post.

        Are You Not Entertained?

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