Daddy, Am I Ugly?

I think this blog will need a preface….so here goes.  I was told to write this blog to further explain one of my theories, which can be slightly off the long end from time to time.  So it’s all fun and games (with some truth mixed in).  One of my brothers had to have a real conversation about appearance with his daughter, who is cute, and he posted it on his blog.   While this topic doesn’t apply to me, Addy’s Daddy, this blog is dedicated to the guys out there with ugly daughters.

Who Daughter is this?

So like I said, I have a theory about ugly kids, especially ugly daughters.  I think fathers of a non-attractive little girl have an increased responsibility to be the man in their daughter’s life.  Considering that she may be a social outcast, she’ll be “Daddy’s Little Girl” for a longer time than he may expect.  The reason for this extension of fatherly duties is due to the high chance that she will be either single or possibly broken hearted for a longer period of time.  So, while the pretty girls are rocking and trying to find time to have a lunch date with daddy after he’s begged her for weeks, the “ugly Betty” has nothing but free time to bug her dad who has nothing but love for her.

I’m just simply stating that an ugly girl’s dad will have to be the only man in her life for a slightly longer time than other dads.   I’m not saying that pretty girls love their dad’s any less or that any dad’s work is done at a certain point.  Even pretty girls may fall and will need daddy there to catch them, so don’t misinterpret this blog.

Honestly, every father fears the time when his little girl starts attracting the opposite sex…it just takes longer for some fathers than others.

Double Whammy

Are we as a society obsessed with beauty?   Yes we as a society are obsessed with beauty but it also comes from the inside which is what many fail to realize, we should teach children grace and etiquette, how to feel good as well as look good so they understand that the two go hand in hand. I can understand people wanting to keep up with whats in but they have to have a good idea of whether whats in is right for them as a person.

So the sooner some guy realizes that it’s whats on the inside that matters, your ugly little girl will be out and about having a good time with her awesome man.  And who knows, all of this may make your little ugly girl way more independent in her life and much more successful than you could ever imagine.  It’s been fun people, I’ve got my good laugh in for the day, LMAO!!!

Thanks for tuning in……



17 thoughts on “Daddy, Am I Ugly?

  1. Thanks again! I think you should for real do a VSB-type book. You’re hilarious and real…and that always equals MONEY!!! 🙂 And Chriscogmta had a GREAT idea…cuz I definitely wonder the same thing about A LOT of girls out there. I’m like…how? who? why? and when?! jeezus.

  2. What’s funny is that often the “pretty” girls are the ones no one will marry. Stuck up and selfish is a bigger obstacle to marriage than being plain looking.

  3. I knew a father who had two daughters, one , not so easy on the eyes, other, awesome. Anyway, he kind of implicitly told the former that she would have relaxed curfews and other rules considering the situation she was in

  4. oh but I bet ugly guys don’t have as much of a problem do they? Such a man’s world…. A woman is nothing something to be looked at.

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