Reality Aint Real

Aight, most people that know me, know that I only write blogs when I’m angered….typically thats true, but lately I’ve been doing some thinking, which could be very dangerous.

Its been a steady transition of change in the biz, but the masses still flock to it. Guess I’m not the masses, cut from a different quilt so to speak. I’ve been left with nothing to watch, with the exception of my current favorite show, SportsCenter on ESPN….other than that I watch Lie to Me, Dark Blue, and Leverage. Now that leaves me with alot of in between time to try to figure out what to watch. I used to watch shows like Nip/Tuck, Hung, True Blood, and Entourage about a season ago, which further lets me see the change in TV….not that I would complain about breasts on TV.

Where is the real TV gone? Like they took away my Miami Vice and gave us CSI: [insert a random city], no more Gilligan’s Island just Survivor & Lost, they replaced Love Connection with Real Chance at Love & The Bachelor series, they even took my beloved A-Team, MacGuyver, & Knight Rider! They took Star Search and gave us American Idol…which I hate, but when there isnt a better solution, what else are you gonna watch?

Come to think of it, they’ve been taking whole networks right under our noses. Where did BET go? Don’t tell me “its still on the air” cuz I know there is a station out there using the channel space and call letters, but I mean the REAL BET. Where you could go from watching rap videos to learning something on Teen Summit and see black people succeed on the Tavis Smiley show. They took my damn Yo MTV Raps and gave me a bunch a bull$#!T covered in sugar.

I really think I could do a better job to provide yall with random bull$#!T, plus I need a job and the salary.

Without even trying hard, I could come up with a few handfuls of more enticing reality show ideas than the lame stuff coming down the pike between now and August. Please allow me to share those right now:

— “The Biggest User”: Cameras follow men and women who have admitted to contestant coordinators that they’re in their current relationships only for the money/sex/social standing. Just how far will they go in the interest of exploitation and manipulation? In this Fox half-hour hosted by Kevin Federline, we’ll find out.

— “Project Run Away”: In this reality-competition extravaganza, Americans convicted of crimes ranging from assault to armed robbery are promised amnesty if they can elude law enforcement for 48 hours after being staked to a one-hour head-start and supplied with $10 and a bottle of spring water.

— “Eating With the Stars”: A group of overweight Americans sign on to drop their excess poundage while dining with dangerously thin celebrities, testing their ability to subsist on fewer than 350 calories a day in this feel-good entry hosted by Nicole Ritchie.

— “The Doc Whisperer”: After being presented with enormous medical bills they can’t possibly pay, people who lack insurance are seen enlisting the services of a man (not Michael Moore) who uses a low, soothing voice to convince doctors to drop the balance down to near zero in the interest of exerting compassion in this unique nonfiction series.

— “America’s Got Wack Jobs!”: We meet the colorful characters in a real-life insane asylum, one of whom will be eliminated and put out on the street each week via a nationwide vote of who is “least disturbed.”

— “Dino or No Dino”: Is it Dean Martin singing on that record — or perhaps David Hasselhoff? In this tuneful reality game show, contestants work to separate Dean from the pack (rat and otherwise) in the hope of taking home a $1 million grand prize.

— “On the Lawn”: They’ve got leaf blowers and they aren’t afraid to use them. The nation’s gardeners face off with mowers, blowers, rakes and shears in showcasing their landscaping skills. At stake is a one-year contract to beautify the exterior of Paris Hilton’s estate along with the unlimited use of an ’82 Chevy pickup truck.

— “Are You Smarter Than a Golden Retriever?”: It’s human vs. canine for all the marbles in this reality game hosted by Paula Abdul that pits human contestants against golden retrievers in a series of challenges involving logic, probability and treat-based motivation.

— “Last Comic Dancing”: In “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” style, comedians here engage in stand-up of a different sort, struggling to remain on their feet through a nonstop marathon dance competition — cracking jokes to take their mind off of their agony and exhaustion.

So hey, network programmers, no need to thank me. I’m here to help. It’s what I do.

What I really hate about Reality TV shows is that they show people at their worst for the most part. What people do not seem to take into account is, that the shows producers want to shock and titillate at the expense of even the most well meaning participant.  Editing often leads to the downfall of many of the naive people taking part.  Unfortunately, shock value is seen as the most profitable form of reality television.  When a camera is constantly following and filming you, you are always going to be vulnerable. A person on a reality television show is only there to be exploited and made a figure of fun.

People who are aware of the whole scenario are usually people who are already famous and want to keep themselves in the spotlight at any cost. These people do not care how they are portrayed on camera, as the saying goes, any publicity is good publicity. So called celebrities taking part in reality TV shows will do anything to keep them in celebrity status.

Wannabe celebrities think that appearing on a reality TV show is a quick and easy way to achieve fame and fortune. They are right, of course many people have got famous, or infamous off the back of these dreary shows. Willingly manipulated, they don’t care how they are made to look to the public. So maybe these are the only people that these reality shows are serving a purpose for, and as I’ve said above for the person who is already famous, but they need more exposure, forgive the pun.

Don’t go on a reality show thinking that you will be able to win friends and influence people. Any meaningful and intelligent banter will quickly be edited out. Cheap thrills are what reality shows are there for.  It seems that it is human nature to want to see people make fools of themselves and it provides cheap thrills at the persons own expense.

These are the reasons I hate reality TV shows. Seeing people perform , like circus animals is not something, in my estimation that should be applauded or encouraged.  It is lazy television that requires no thought, no intellect, and surely numbs the brains even further of those who tune in to get a quick fix.


Thanks for tuning in…..




8 thoughts on “Reality Aint Real

  1. I totally want to see Project Run Away…like…I was DYING at my desk reading all of it…but Project Run Away has to be my fave. I would totally DVR it. 🙂

  2. I can’t stop laughing. You are super nuts and that’s why I love ya! Keep it coming. And I’m with Baddy, I would totally DVR Project Run Away.

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