Dynamic Inertia

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I finally have something to say thats not job related….even though I know I could find something job related to talk about, but there is no need beating a dead horse.

I watch alot of sports and sports-related channels, so most of the commercials that I see are aimed at men.  Well one commercial in particular really irks me, its that damn Shake Weight for Men.

The Shake Weight has both a female and male version, though was initially released as a product “designed specifically for women.”

The female dumbbell weighs 2.5 lb. The company states that the weight “utilizes new workout technology called Dynamic Inertia,” claiming it “increases muscle activity by more than 300% compared to traditional weights.” The company website further adds that the product has “scientifically proven results” and that the user can “get incredible results in just six minutes a day.” In comparison, the matching male dumbbell weighs twice as much at 5 lb.

The product appears to be based on “vibration plate technology — machines that vibrate to make the muscles relax and contract several times a second — thought to enhance the impact of exercise.” In practice, once the user starts moving the dumbbell, it creates a vibrating effect to work out muscles. This action “is supposed to tone upper biceps, triceps and shoulders.”

All sounds fine and dandy to me, but due to the sexually suggestive and humorous nature of the Shake Weight, with its usage being perceived as similar to a sexual act, the product has been the subject of popular attention and parody.  Thats just a nice way of saying it looks as if you’re jacking somebody off waiting for a facial of future little boys or girls.  GROSS!

Dont get me wrong, I’m all about getting your swole on and being in shape, but thats just one piece of fitness equipment that a playa like myself cannot endorse.  However, I think I’m the only one that would prefer the traditional methods since everybody in the world is about quicker results with less time.  In August 2010, a reported 2 million Shake Weight units had been sold for a total of $40 million in sales.  I know 100 of those 2 million units went to the NY Jets during Training Camp, plus I’ve physically seen a lady in Target buy one, so thats 101.  That leaves 1,999,899 units still unaccounted for, so thats like 1.9 million people hiding in their homes going through “the motions” and not telling a soul.  I say this becuase I’ve never heard of or seen anybody actually use one, so it must be taboo as of now.

This blog may come off as hating and so what, but its mainly aimed to let those 1.9 million people to stop working out in shame….be proud of your toned and ripped arms, tell the world how you got em!!

Thanks for tuning in…..



4 thoughts on “Dynamic Inertia

  1. LMAO @ you posting the commercial. You silly. And you’re def a hater. I got a shake weight that I’m using as I type. lmao.

  2. Ok…I actually watched the commercial and although I know how the shake weight is supposed to work…seems like…I could just go help someone out for free as opposed to spending $20 on some nonsense that uses “dynamic inertia” whatever tha f that is. lol.

  3. I actually bought one of these for someone who actually asked for it for Christmas this year. I think it’s hilarious but she might be the one laughing with her new “guns” she gets by using that jack off contraption. I just don’t think I could bring myself to use it without dying laughing.

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